Watchlist for February 6th 2015

Recap for Thursday February 5th 2015

I won’t go over the details of $AMLH, as I covered this in Here in full depth.

Here’s a quick review of the rest:

  • $CLRX didn’t move much, but it’s still in its overextension, still a watch, with a few shares available to short at IB; no significant movement of the price yesterday.
  • $GENE played once again the yoyo game, opportunities both long and short throughout the day, but risky plays.
  • $IMRS had a gap-up but closed on the red, might be running on the last of its overextended price and crash in the coming days.
  • $OHGI had a tiny morning spike then dropped about 20% off its highs. It may still go down some more.
  • $LQDT had a nice gap-up and spike from $8.60 to $10.60 at its highest and I completely missed it due to real life distractions; this was an earnings call winner.
  • $MOBI had a tiny spike yesterday, barely worth mentioning, no real movement.
  • $PSTR had a small drop yesterday, it may keep on dropping, but either way, no shares available at IB
  • $GLUU is one I also completely missed yesterday throughout the day also due to real life distractions that kept me from focusing on the market. This stock gapped up and experienced a 30% spike on news that they signed Katy Perry for a video game.

I’m actually very satisfied of the overall performance of my list even though my personal trading performance has had undesirable results. I feel like my personal picks are getting better in terms of predicting how some of these will move throughout the day.

Worthy note, $CURM, not originally on my list, had a nice announcement and news to back it up with a reliable board of directors to back it up. They will be presenting at Bloomberg TV today and had a conference call yesterday after market close. Timothy Sykes saw this one coming a mile away and announced his entry at $0.95, and rose to $1.35 at close.

Today’s Watchlist

My main focus today will probably be on $CURM, $GLUU and possibly $LQDT; given my recent experience with short positions, I’ll take a bit of a break from them and try my odds with longs.

$CURM ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.1380  1:3 ★★★★ $0.20-0.30/sh Long
 This stock has been on Timothy Syke’s long temr list for a while and as he noticed the appearance on Bloomber TV announcement he took a position. The company is backed by a very competent board of directors with lots of experience in the field and the announcement has pushed it up about 50%. This may continue to spike today in anticipation of the interview and may also be a good dip buy. I’m also expecting a morning spike given the hype behind it. – Support Levels: $0.98, $1.01, $1.17, $1.34 – Resistance Level: $1.40
 Very low volume OTC stock, lots of hype with people trying to get in. Lots of people are going to be attempting shorting this stock; competition for shares will be fierce and getting a position this late in the hype might prove quite difficult.
$GENE ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.718  1:2 ★★ $0.20-0.30/sh Short
 Yesterday’s session was another roller coaster for this stock. It ended up closing red after a gap-up in the morning. This this is probably going to start reverting soon and slowly down trend back to the low $2 range. – Support Level: $4.20 – Resistance Level: $4.54
Given the price movement over the last couple of days, it is safe to trade with caution. No shares available to short at IB.
$GLUU ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
0.254  1:2 ★★ $0.20-0.30/sh Long
 Excellent performance for $GLUU yesterday with a 30% up day. This will probably be a good dip buy throughout the day. The stock has been up on news of signing Katy Perry for their games. Support Levels: $4.66, $4.81, $4.95 – Resistance Level: $5.05 – Key Resistance: $5.55
 Given the spike, this may start to slowly fade.
$IMRS ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.115 1:3 ★★ $0.3-0.7/sh Short
 This stock is experiencing overextention, much like $CLRX. Bit of a gap-up yesterday but closed red on the day. This will probably start crashing in the coming days as there is no catalyst to support the significant rise in price over the last 2 weeks other than the collective will of the individuals trading it (or somebody artificially promoting this through price manipulation). Support Levels: $1.18, $1.06, $0.96 – Resistance Levels: $1.33, $1.24
 There are no shares available at IB to short this stock.
$CLRX ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.207  1:3 ★★ $0.3-0.5/sh Short
 This stock has been indirectly promoted, it is still experiencing the behavior of a Pump and Dump. The price has dropped two days ago with a green day yesterday. This will probably tank in the coming days as there is no catalyst to support such an over extension in the price. Support Levels:$1.45, $1.22 – Resistance Level: $1.60, $1.75
Given that the last day has closed green, this may still have some spiking on it.
$AMLH ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
0.05813  1:4 ★★★ $0.07-0.15/sh Short
 This is the latest ElitePennyStock pump. They brought it back to life and I got burned by it experiencing my biggest loss to date. This stock will eventually crash as the promotion nears its end. This will probably happen in the coming days. Support Levels: $0.2623, $0.2445, $0.2220, $0.21  – Resistance Level: $0.279
It is probably impossible at this point to get any shares to short for $AMLH, since they have all been taken on the 4th. Volume has been on the low side.
$LQDT ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.48 1:2 ★★ $0.20-0.30/sh Long
 Earnings winner yesterday, spiked about $2 after a gap-up in the morning. This could be a good potential dip buy throughout the day. Support Levels: $10.20, $9.77, $8.98 – Resistance Level: $10.50
May fade and fail to bounce.

Compressed List