Watchlist for February 5th 2015

Recap for February 4th 2015

What a rushing day the 4th has been. Contrary to what I was expecting, $AMLH didn’t start tanking and the promotion did not end yesterday; in fact, promotional emails were strategically sent out twice to pump this stock. There’s a Seeking Alpha article explaining in detail how bad it is. I was about $70 down most of the day and late in the afternoon, our dear promoters could be seen on the L2 artificially pushing the stock with fake buy orders of 130k+ shares and then vanishing when the stock started raising in price again. By the end of the day, I was down $135 and failed to get my exit order filled, so unfortunately I’ll be holding overnight, which, depending on how long is left on the promotion, may be either a good thing or a bad thing. I’ll have to be prepared to exit quickly first thing in the morning if the promotion continues… I’ll do a full review of the trade once I have exited my position.

As for my other picks, here’s what has been going on: $GENE has been the talk of the small cap community in which nobody could quite decide whether to buy or to short. Ultimately I think that $GENE will be a great short, but today was sloppy and hard to tell when things were going to move; fact is the stock dropped in the morning from close to $2.94 and the raised up to $4.10 throughout the day. multiple dip buy opportunities as we as shorts, ALL very hard to time.

It was brought to my attention that $CLRX is also a promotion, fact of which I wasn’t aware, as I was looking mainly at the chart pattern and possible catalysts (which it didn’t have). I know Timothy Sykes shorted this stock right before close (as I was trying to escape my $AMLH position). $IMRS also kept on rising, I think it has a similar chart pattern to $CLRX and moving on no news. Both of these will make it to my list for the 5th.

$YOD didn’t spike much and slowly faded throughout the day, nothing significant.

Overall, I am satisfied at my picks in terms of how they did based on what I was expecting for them. $AMLH is the one that I know will tank, but that I am not willing to see a $0.05 raise before exiting; I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of risk yet (and don’t have a second brokerage account to box my position with a concurrent buy to keep the equilibrium) – I’m already past the absolute stop that I had set to myself.

Today’s Watchlist

$CLRX ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
0.207  1:3 ★★★ $0.3-0.5/sh Short
As was mentioned yesterday and in the above recap, this is a stock that is being promoted although not directly by a promoter, it is still experiencing the behavior of a Pump and Dump. This will probably be a nice short opportunity tomorrow if shares are to be found. The stock has closed red on the day and will probably continue dropping.
 Only 25k shares left at IB at the time of writing.  Low volume. Under Short Sale Restriction.
$GENE ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.66  1:3 ★★ $0.3-0.8/sh Short | Long
 This stock has been a total disaster yesterday for all those who traded it. Very hard to time entries both long and short. This stock is currently overextended and may experience a dip. It is up on news of medical centers offering their products. This will probably crash in the coming days to a more average level. Think that this stock ended up being pumped by chatrooms and twitter chatter.
 It may experience some more yoyo-like behavior if things work out like today. No shares available at IB.
$IMRS ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.109  1:3 ★★ $0.4-0.8/sh Short
 Similarly to $CLRX, this stock is being indirectly promoted in some way. I think it is overextended on no viable recent catalyst explaining such a move. This can only result in a significant drop in price over the coming days.
 No shorts at IB. Price is back up after a red day, again, for no good reason.
$AMLH ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
0.0563  1:4 ★★★ $0.7-0.12/sh Short
 Disclaimer: I currently have an open position in this stock – This is a blatant paid pump promoted by ElitePennyStocks and StockTips, it has been going for about 2 weeks now and has been fading over the last week or so, after reaching a $0.30 peak. Today, it proved to me that it was not over. Eventually I expect this stock to revert back to it’s original $0.06-$0.09 price range either this week or next week.
This stock may still spike tomorrow if the promotion continues. No shares available at IB, all 600k were swept yesterday morning. Low priced stock, low volume, high borrow rate. This needs to be a boxed position given the demand for shares to short. I will have to exit my position at open following the late day spike yesterday.
$OHGI ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.207  1:2 ★★ $0.3-0.7/sh  Short
The company announced the release of a “WhatsApp” style app for the Chinese market. The stock price has overextended and may start to drop back to its previous level.
May spike some more before reverting. Usually a low volume stock.
$LQDT ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.331 1:2 $0.2-0.3/sh Long 
 Earnings call today, decreased profit on the last quarter as well as Gross profit. Company seemingly healthy.
Q1 2015 may be reporting a reduced profit in comparison to previous quarters.
$PMFG ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
 0.220  1:2 $0.15-0.20/sh Long
 Earnings call today, increased earnings over the last 3Q, operating income on the positive over the last Q in comparison to previous performance.
 Illiquid stock, low price movement, may not encounter a dramatic change in price to make it worth a play. Very low volume.
$MOBI ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
0.1730 1:2 $0.2-0.3/sh Long
 Uptrending over the last couple of days, momentum may keep on going as China stocks rally.
 May not do anything, I’ll watch it just in case.
$PSTR ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
0.583  1:2 ★★ $0.3-0.5/sh Short
 Stock has been going up for the last 4 days without a proper catalyst. It seems to be behaving like an artificial pump. The current level seems to be overextended.
The stock price may spike some more. No shares available at IB at the time of writing.
$GLUU ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
0.171 1:2 ★★ $0.2-0.3/sh Long
 This stock signed Katy Perry for a game, stock spiked to a high of $4.50 and closed at $4.40. Potential dip buy to make $0.20-$0.30 per share. Intraday support around $4.30, next resistance level around $4.65.
May continue to spike without a proper dip.

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