Trade #7 – Ninja0n3 vs $DGLY round 3

This is my third attempt at $DGLY. It turned out to be a profitable one.

I have been watching this stock for about a week now and I have seen it consistently spiking in the morning. My movement expectations were also reinforced by the fact that this stock has repeatedly been appearing on Tim Sykes Daily Watchlist, which I am still using for some of my picks.

As a side note, if I had not sold my shares from the previous $DGLY trade, I would have made a $1254 profit within 3 days on $1093.5 investment; and I would be up $1375.5 since my original trade.

I am happy about the profits that I made, but it is worth remembering that good news (for the company – a real life disaster for the events that pushed it) and world events can have a significant impact on the movement of a stock within days.

Entry price: B14.55 100s @ 8h43 Pre market
Exit price: S15.65 100s @ 9h34
Total profit: $110.00
Stop Loss: My 5% mental stop loss was set at $13.82 for a $72.75 loss (+commissions)