Stocks Profit/Loss Calculator Standalone v1.0.5 Released

As I’ve been progressing in my Pennystocking endeavor, I realized that some aspects of my workspace needed to be reduced in order to limit my distractions when performing my day trading activities.

Up to now, I had been using the profit/loss calculator that I developed on this blog, and soon realized that it was clunky to have a browser window open constantly when trading stocks.

Upon this realization, I set myself to the task of minimizing the the whole calculator experience and bring it to a less distracting form; this gave birth to the Stocks Profit/Loss Calculator v1.0.5, which is the first release of the app.

You can download it from my github repository at Here.

See the application page for more details.

The installation is straight forward: just download the file, execute the installer, and run the newly installed program by launching the icon on your desktop.

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If you have questions or have issues with the program, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here are a few screenshots:

splc-01 splc-02 splc-03 splc-04 splc-05 splc-06 splc-07


For the techie people, the app has been developed using TideSDK which is an interface for HTML5 and other various web and interpreted programming languages. The app has been mainly created with HTML5, javascript and JQuery for the logic end.

You can find the full source at the github repo.

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