Recap of Jan 13 Watchlist

Having no time to build a proper list for today, I will settle for doing a recap of yesterday’s session and the list I had.

Among my potential buys, only $MNGA actually did anything worth of mention, it spiked during the day, closing up with a 21% gain over open; unfortunately I completely missed this play intraday as I got distracted with other tasks when the morning became slow. Every other pick wasn’t good as they either did nothing much or dropped in price.

In my potential shorts watch $CDVI dropped almost 37% at close, with a 43% drop at its lowest point intraday; another play I missed based on external input, ended up not playing it – also as it was an OTC with a panic, getting in midway would have been impossible. $FRO had a 12% drop, roughly $0.45, another shorting play missed on my part out of not focusing on the market and multitasking. $AGEN dropped about $0.30 on the day, $ILIU went down 12%, and $JOB kept on going down (although, it is very late in that short play, I wouldn’t get in anyways).

Here are some of my logistical mistakes: I focused too much on $ARTX and $MNGA potential buys while putting all my potential shorts on the backburner, which I ended up completely missing due to the lack of attention.

I will probably have to work on my watching strategy and maybe learn how to properly use alerts and establish key resistance/support values in order to better be aware of my entries and exits without feeling like I’m multitasking which is a proven productivity killer.

That’s it for now, I’ll see if I manage to get a list ready before open and maybe have some decent plays during the day.


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