Day Watchlist for January 13 2015

Recap of the previous watchlist

To keep it simple, today was a very slow trading day, my watchlist was a bust with no significant movement from any of my picks in the direction I wanted them to go. No plays, no losses. As expected my potential buys for today went nowhere. During the day I started watching other plays: $VOXX was a small dip buy, but fell down a lot, only to bounce about $0.35 from around $7.97 at its lowest, I missed that one. $MNGA was a contract winner and I missed its inital run, I was hoping to dip buy but it did a lot of sideways most of the day after the morning spike.

$SRNA did drop about 10%, but I missed it, $CDVI actually broke out and gained 46% instead of crashing, others are not really worth mentioning, they didn’t do much.

Tomorrows Watchlist

Potential Buys

$ARTX – ★★ – Contract winner today, may spike some more tomorrow, definitely worth watching as a potential buy or dip buy. – ATR: $0.131
$MNGA – ★★ – Contract winner with FDNY for providing fuel for new machines, spiked in the morning, was expecting a dip, but lots of sideway action in the afternoon with no significant moves. May spike again tomorrow morning or a good dip buy during the day. I’ll watch it closely – ATR: $0.075
$CERE – ★ – Earnings call tomorrow, don’t know how it’ll come out, but I’ll watch it just in case. – ATR: $0.039
$VOXX – ★ – Earnings winner on Friday, dipped significantly today, may bounce tomorrow a bit more, not sure though. – ATR: $0.496
$MOC – ★ – Contract winner, bounced nicely today from $2.59 to $2.97, may spike some more tomorrow. – ATR: $0.279

Potential Shorts

$CDVI – ★★- This stock is overextended without any significant catalyst, rose another 47% today for no particular reason that I could find, may become a good short in the coming days. – ATR: $0.03
$FRO – ★★ – This stock has been hyped based on oil price decrease, although the company seems rather unstable. I’m expecting this to drop in the coming days. – ATR: $0.367
$AGEN – ★ – Biotech, up without a significant catalyst, probably following the trend of other biotechs going up lately, probably a good potential short soon. – ATR: $0.796
$ILIU – ★ – Biotech, has also been surging without significant news, has the characteristics of a Pump&Dump, may still have some spike in it; I’ll keep an eye on it. – ATR: $0.044
$JOB – ★ – This stock has been overextending for a while and I had been watching it over the past couple of weeks, however, as I was on vacation I missed the start of the drop. I believe it can drop some more. Worth keeping an eye on. – ATR: $0.279

Compressed watchlist


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