Day Watchlist for January 12th 2015 – First of the year

After taking a short week long snowboarding vacation, I’m finally back and eager to start the year in force.

Recap of my previous watchlist and my last trade

My last watchlist was a a bit of a bust for the most part, but I seem to have had some good calls.

$IMRS, did drop about $0.20 since I initially shorted it on the 31st, had I kept it, I would have made a nice profit – It was also brought to my attention, that I shorted way too late in my inital entry for this stock, as I shorted after the stock already had a big drop; I didn’t take this into consideration when entering my position.
$NEON did drop $0.80, but not specifically on the 31st; started crashing on the 2nd and went downward from there on
$PME also dropped $0.60 from the 31st to the 6th, but I wasn’t watching it properly (or there weren’t shares available, can’t recall)

Those were the only ones worth mentioning from my last list.

The Watchlist

Potential Buys

$MOC – ★★ – potential dip buy considering they were awarded a contract potentially worth $250M over 10 years. I’ll be watching it. – ATR: $0.375
$LIVE – ★ – ATR: $0.371
$VGGL – ★ – ATR:  $0.385
$JRJC – ★ – ATR: $0.362

All last three are based on the premise that they have run in the past and for no particular reason other than meaningless PR, they are based on Tim’s previous watchlists. I’ll definitely keep an eye on them, I am not expecting anything in the immediate future though.

Potential Shorts

$NKA – ★ – this stock is up about $1.00 without any significant news, I don’t expect that to hold. I’ll watch it, but I’m not really expecting anything from it. – ATR: $0.439 – Key resistance (30 days): $4.770
$CDVI – ★ – over the last 17 days, this stock has been uptrending slowly and shot up about $0.08 on the last 2 days without a clear catalyst, other than breaking 30 day resistance at $0.1205. I couldn’t find any particular news as to why it spiked. I’ll be keeping an eye on it as it seems to be overextending – ATR: $0.027
$SRNA – ★ – has the characteristics of a pump and dump, financials and other information show the company as being worthless, also a pretty compelling SA article. I’ll keep an eye on it. – ATR: $0.063
$IDI – ★ – has gone up almost $0.40 over the last 2 trading days without a catalyst that I could find. The agreement acquisition news didn’t produce the spike when it was announced over 2 weeks ago, which makes me wonder why this has gone up so much. I’ll be watching. – ATR: $0.102

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