A little bit about me

I go by the nickname of Ninja0n3, I am a Computer Engineering Graduate specialized in embedded systems and software development which is my main field. I also have a certification in advanced Information Security and have been involved in the Computer Security community since late 2002. Since my engineering graduation I have been doing information technology consulting for small and medium businesses as well as working on some entrepreneurial projects with my partners, mostly focused on the development of web applications.

Throughout my life I’ve lived in multiple countries and fluently speak, read and write three languages at academic level. I’ve had the opportunity to visit a lot of places thanks to my family’s work and I’ve learned a great deal in a lot of fields. I am one to strongly believe that anyone can do anything as long as they put the effort.

I am also a martial artist and have been since the age of 5. Martial arts and the philosophy of it is truly my passion and has helped me in leading a complete and balanced life; becoming advanced in these has also taught me a lot about discipline, following rules and adapting to all sorts of situations very quickly.

For the last couple of years I had been flirting with the idea of becoming a full time day trader and thanks to a positive change in my situation, the opportunity has presented itself for me to become fully involved with this practice.

Why day trading?

Being quite comfortable with computer systems since a young age, I’ve always had an easier time dealing with machines than I’ve had working with people; I can work very well in teams and other individuals, but I perform the best when I work by myself. The motivation for me behind day trading as a “full-time job” is that I get the opportunity to grow my wealth in my own terms without answering to anyone.

To be honest, I’m not part of the 9 to 5 crowd and managing my own time suits me best.


Before about 3 weeks back (as of the date of writing), I’ve had only heard mention of Penny stocks and had a very limited understanding of it. As my research into trading advanced I found multiple articles about people raising considerable amounts of money in a relatively short time through Penny Stocks; the actual article, focused on Tim Grittani. From there on I furthered my research into penny stocks and inevitably stumbled upon the name of Timothy Sykes. After doing my due research, I decided to join his Millionaire Challenge as I truly believe that his techniques are applicable if one dedicates to doing the research and spending the time to learn how to trade.

This blog is my million dollar journey with penny stocks. I will work damn hard to reach my goal but I am also conscious that I may never make it or that I may lose more than I had started with. The point is that penny stocks are not a get rich scheme and, taking it from the successful people I’ve managed to talk to (more specifically Micheal Goode), it takes deep dedication, strong motivation, hard work, great discipline and good emotional control to achieve success. I feel up to the task.

Yes, penny stocks are a risky business, but as with anything in life, in order to get something you need to take risks and managed the outcome wisely – my personal view is that trading is a weird representation of how we live our lives and how the lives of every other person affects our situation.

Follow my progress

Truth be told, I am making this blog for me as a personal journal of my trading experiences and my trading progress, which I have decided to share publicly. Feel free to follow my trades on Profit.ly or read through this blog and see how I’m doing.