2014-12-16 Day Watchlist

Yesterday’s recap

It seems my picks for yesterday were not that far off. I had some good picks but my timing was terrible and as a result I ended up not making any trades at all.

As I expected, $MEDA crashed and burned – $0.04 drop, almost 50%; I had the chance to take a position at open but I got scared away by additional promo emails that were sent out and ended up not committing to the trade.

$FRO did the opposite of what I was expecting and broke out to almost $2.75 at its highest from around $2.25 close. Also missed the chance when it broke out.

$JOB and $HGSH were on my potential buy list and sure enough they broke out. Once again, bad timing, didn’t get in and by the time I wanted to go in, price was already higher than what I felt comfortable paying for, knowing that it might drop down.

Not much else for the rest of my picks, but I may have to learn how to reduce the stocks I follow to become more efficient at catching them when they break out/break down.

Today’s list


$CANF – had a bit of a spike yesterday, but not a major movement, watching and see what happens
$VOIL – just watching
$IFAN – just watching

Potential Buys

$HGSH – ★★★ – Nice movement yesterday from around $4.80 to ~$5.90 at its highest, may spike some more today
$JOB – ★★ – 100% price increase on the day yesterday, completely missed it, may spike some more today, so I’ll keep an eye on it.
$IDI – ★★ – Had an acquisition agreement yesterday, may spike some more

Potential Shorts

$FRO – ★★★ – I’ll watch it as a short, as this stock as had some abnormal uptrending without a proper catalyst/proper news that I could find publicly. Not sure how much further up it can go. I’ll also watch is as a potential buy.


$FVE – ★ – Earnings call post-close, juist checking
$BIOD – ★ Earnings call on Thursday, just watching for now

Let’s see how today plays out; hopefully better timing than yesterday if anything manifests.


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