2014-12-15 Watchlist

So as an exercise in research and in order to take the first steps to break free from the Daily watchlists I receive from Timothy Sykes, I decided to get started and prepare my own watchlists for the next day. I don’t know if I’ll have the time or the patience to post them on a daily basis, but it will most definitely get me on my way to become a fully independent penny stock trader.

I will try to rate them (from 1 to 5) based on what I think may happen and how good of a play I think it might be. I will also try to give a short description for each, when necessary.

Pumps on my list

$MEDA – ★★★★ – My main pick for tomorrow if I can get shares to short on IB, this pump has been going for about 4 days and has started showing signs of reversal. I wouldn’t be surprised if it dumped tomorrow, just like $ECRY did on Thursday and Friday.

$IFAN – wait and see, nothing particular
$VOIL – same
$CANF – same
$RIHT – ★/★★ – Not sure what to expect from this one in the coming days, but it may drop some more, although it is already pretty low, still watching
$NMED – ★★★ – Looks ripe enough to drop, though I don’t think I’ll be able to get any shares for it

Potential Shorts

$CTIX – ★★★ – Shot up about $1.5 on December 8th after FDA approval for phase 2, and slowly uptrending, has all the signs of a pump; I’ll watch and see what happens
$ISIG – ★★ – This company had an 8K SEC filing on the 8th announcing an addition to the board of directors, still shot up about $0.53, may fade.
$CCXI – ★★ – Rose nearly 100% on phase 2 results and dropped significantly on the same day, may have some drop still left

$FRO – ★★ – Price increase from $1.40 to $2.33 in 2 days with no news for no apparent reason, this may actually drop soon, so I’m following it on the sidelines

Potential Buys

$JOB – ★★ – There was an agreement of acquisition on Friday morning. Not sure if it’ll move any higher, but I’ll watch it just in case
$HGSH – ★★★ – They had earnings on Friday but failed to break through past $4.77 even though the stock was up from $3.50 at open, may or may not keep on going.


$BIOD – ★
$WG – ★
$FCEL – ★

These 3 will have earnings announcements in the next couple of days, so worth keeping an eye on, although I’m not expecting anything special from them.

That sums up what I will be looking for tomorrow.

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