Watchlist for February 4th 2015

Recap for February 3rd

After a full dry month, I finally entered a trade on $AMLH. This stock is a paid promo by StockTips, a group of promoters that manages to give some traction to their promoted stocks; we are now around the end of the 2nd week of the promo, which is usually they push these worthless stocks. This is a currently open position that I am holding over night and possibly for the next couple of days depending on how it behaves; I’ll do a full trade review once I close the position.

As for my other picks, $IMRS was up about 10%, I’ll probably be watching it a bit more, $CLRX did spike but I missed the trade and I’ll still consider it as a potential short for tomorrow, $YOD downtrended all day in spite of the contract, $MILL had a bit of morning spike but faded throughout the day, $HIHO did nothing worth mentioning

Today’s Watchlist

Potential Shorts

$YOD ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
0.187 1:2 ★★ $0.2-0.4/sh
Contract winner with fox, big fade after initial spike, little opportunity for a bounce. This stock may bounce today and be a potential short if it goes back to its previous lows after a spike.
 Given the movement of this stock over the last couple of days, the bounce may not have enough momentum to warrant a good short.
$GENE ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
0.597 1:2 ★★ $0.4-0.5/sh
 Biotech, news of product being used in Cancer centers, big overextended spikes on good news, potential shorts on these spikes.
 Pay attention to the price movement and the volume, this can go either way.
$CLRX ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
0.208  1:3 ★★ $0.3-0.5/sh
 No news or catalyst that I could find over the last week, yet the stock has gone up 100% on the last 5 days. This ticker seems to be way over extended and may pop soon.
 The price may keep on rising, be prepared to take a small loss if shorting on a squeeze.
$IMRS ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
 0.104  1:3 ★★ $0.3-0.4/sh
This stock finally started dropping yesterday, I’m expecting it keep on going down as it was up without any significant news or catalyst over the last week.
No shorts available at IB .
$AMLH ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
 0.0556 1:4 ★★★ $0.08-0.12/sh
 Disclaimer: I currently have an open position in this stock – This is a paid pump either very near to end or ending it’s promo run very soon (or so I am secretly hoping), lots of shares available at IB on the 3rd of Feb, less chances of getting a forced buyin, can possibly hold longer.
If the promo continues it may spike a bit, though it is improbable as it has been downtrending since the promo has started. Low priced stock, low trading volume over the last couple of days.

Potential Buys

No potential buys aside from possible the bounces on $YOD and $GENE on bounces as explained above.

Compressed List