Trade #9 – Ninja0n3 vs $ISNS round 2

I had no intention of trading today, but then I saw the $ISNS breakout a bit late (it was already bouncing from about $4.90 – got in at $5.90), but nonetheless up-trending. So I entered a 250 share position and managed to make about 51c per share in profits. The stock price kept on going and at the time of writing, the stock price shot to about $8.0 after market – I could have made about $450 more; it’s a good lesson to remember to not exit to soon, although I am happy with my gains today, recovering my previous loss on this same stock.

I decided to exit as soon as I felt uncomfortable with my position, just a few minutes before market close and took my $127.5 profit.

Based on chat talk and my readings, the reason this stock uptrended in this manner could be due to a “sympathy” factor towards the other stock in the same sector: $DGLY; I did miss that morning spike on $DGLY that went from about $22 to around $32.91 at the time of writing – a $10/share profit (nice).

Paraphrasing Richard Branson: “Trade opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming

Entry price: B5.90 250s @ 15h44 
Exit price: S6.41 250s @ 15h57
Total profit: $127.50
Stop Loss: My 3% mental stop loss was set at $5.72 for a $44.25 loss (+commissions).

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