2015-02-06-CLRX-Daily Chart

Trade #16 – Ninja0n3 vs $CLRX – $CLRX Wins

Following my loss with $AMLH on the 5th, I got back into trading and ended up taking another loss, though I don’t consider this to be a mistake and my exit was in order to cut losses due to the of the market at the time of exit.

The Process

Here is the intraday chart for this play:
2015-02-06-CLRX-Daily Chart

I entered this position following a Tim Alert which reinforced my conviction in the possible movement of this stock given that I … Continue Reading...

Watchlist for February 6th 2015

Recap for Thursday February 5th 2015

I won’t go over the details of $AMLH, as I covered this in Here in full depth.

Here’s a quick review of the rest:

  • $CLRX didn’t move much, but it’s still in its overextension, still a watch, with a few shares available to short at IB; no significant movement of the price yesterday.
  • $GENE played once again the yoyo game, opportunities both long and short throughout the day, but risky plays.
  • $IMRS had a
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Trade #15 – Ninja0n3 vs $AMLH – $AMLH Wins

I have been watching $AMLH since the promotion started, unfortunately the stock didn’t behave as I expected and I ended up taking a $179 Loss.

The Process

Here is the intraday for this play:


And here is the 1-Day chart for the stock


The stock promotion led by Elite Penny Stocks started on the 20th of January after a big announcement the week before that they would release their next pick (Illustrated by the orange arrow on the daily chart). … Continue Reading...

Watchlist for February 5th 2015

Recap for February 4th 2015

What a rushing day the 4th has been. Contrary to what I was expecting, $AMLH didn’t start tanking and the promotion did not end yesterday; in fact, promotional emails were strategically sent out twice to pump this stock. There’s a Seeking Alpha article explaining in detail how bad it is. I was about $70 down most of the day and late in the afternoon, our dear promoters could be seen on the L2 artificially … Continue Reading...

Watchlist for February 4th 2015

Recap for February 3rd

After a full dry month, I finally entered a trade on $AMLH. This stock is a paid promo by StockTips, a group of promoters that manages to give some traction to their promoted stocks; we are now around the end of the 2nd week of the promo, which is usually they push these worthless stocks. This is a currently open position that I am holding over night and possibly for the next couple of days depending … Continue Reading...

Day Watchlist for February 3rd 2015

Having been out of trading for the last couple of weeks dur to some relatives vising, I’m getting right back to it. This additional 2 week break has given me the chance to catch up with watching the DVDs, more specifically, I just finished Pennystocking Framework. Very good conference DVD; I most enjoyed LX21 presentation, who does a great job at explaining the mindset required for this type of trading and how to become successful.

Over the month of … Continue Reading...

Learning the tools of the trade

Over the last week, I have learned some important lessons: I’ve realized that I had not been using the tools at my disposal to efficiently in order to unleash their full potential and improve my trading process.

This realization came upon me as I received a delayed breakout alert on $SMSI as an earnings winner this week by Timothy Sykes. He had just mentioned that he saw it on his earnings up 5% scanner, a feature also available to me … Continue Reading...

Recap for the January 12-16 Week

This week has been quite uneventful for me to say the least; due to engagements, I ended up not trading on Friday or preparing a watchlist for that matter. Here are the watchlists I established this week:

This week ended up having some interesting plays, but nothing quite significant. I did however miss a couple of opportunities by setting myself in a tunnel vision state preventing me to … Continue Reading...

Day Watchlist for January 15 2015

Recap for yesterday’s watchlist

Yesterday’s watchlist was a complete miss: none of my picks actually did anything. Worth noting that $SMSI had earnings news and spiked about 40% through the day, which I completely missed. Also a worthy mention for $BBRY which had news of Samsung possibliy aquiring the company shares at a $13.5+ per share, this drove the price from the mid-$9s all the way to $13 within minutes; I also missed that one – the price has now … Continue Reading...

Day Watchlist for January 14 2015

I finally managed to get my list ready for today; I have to admit, that half my picks (not included in this list) are from Sykes daily watchlist, though I don’t think I would have picked them anyways, but I’ll keep watch anyways.

Potential Buys

$NXTD – ★★ – Great product reviews after the CES show, lots of demand for their product, big spike yesterday, may be able to run some more or become a good dip buy. – ATR: … Continue Reading...

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