Day Watchlist for Last day of 2014 (December 31st)

Recap for Dec 29 Watchlist

My potential buy $SYRX did spike through the day on the 29th and 30th reaching a high of almost $2.6, I completely missed the breakout as I was focusing too much on $JRJC which did absolutely nothing.

$SYNC had a small drop of $0.3/sh between the 29th and the 30th, nothing major, but it was on my short list.

$JOB has kept on going on the 29th and finally went g/r on the 30th, was on my short list, but the drop hasn’t been significant enough

$BCYP has started dropping more significantly since the 29th; dropped about $0.02 since.

$EDIG had a drop on the 29th and 30th

The rest of the list hasn’t had any significant movement worthy of mention.

The list for the 31st

Potential Shorts

$IMRS – ★ – Up on news of Centara Corp acquisition of about $2.6M woth of shares at  $0.284, seemlingly lots of shorts getting squeezed over the last couple of days, I keep it on my short watch list as the stock is up on financing. not sure what to expect at this point- ATR: $0.089
$NEON – ★★ – Up on news of discussion on twitter about its upcoming technology, purely speculative at this point, might be a good short over the next couple of days, but I’ll also watch for a spike and short squeeze in the short term – ATR: $0.232
$PME – ★★ – News concerning a potential class action lawsuit against it, may drive the price down, price has been rising consistently over the last 6 days, seems to be rising without any particular catalyst, possibly overextending – ATR: $0.339
$EDIG – ★★ – retake from previous list, stock has been downtrending steadily over the last couple of days, still way up from its 6 month price average, way overextended. – ATR: $0.022

Potential Buys

$CJJD – ★★ – Up on news of legalization of sales of drugs online in China, might be a dip buy or a buy if it breaks out again, although close price was way below it’s highs. Worth keeping an eye on – ATR: $0.256
$NPD – ★ – another drug legalization play, also a possible dip buy or buy if it breaks out – ATR: $0.119

These are all the stocks that I find mildly interesting for today, I’ll look intraday to see if there are any other opportunities, but so far I barely have these. I don’t currently consider any of these, but they may still show up with a surprise – $SYRX was a good example.


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