Day Watchlist for January 15 2015

Recap for yesterday’s watchlist

Yesterday’s watchlist was a complete miss: none of my picks actually did anything. Worth noting that $SMSI had earnings news and spiked about 40% through the day, which I completely missed. Also a worthy mention for $BBRY which had news of Samsung possibliy aquiring the company shares at a $13.5+ per share, this drove the price from the mid-$9s all the way to $13 within minutes; I also missed that one – the price has now dropped back to it’s pre-news price point P/M, it’ll be a bad surprise for overnight longs this morning.

Today’s Watchlist

Today’s list will be a bit short, as I couldn’t seem to find anything that had any pattern that I liked… I will probably be doing some intraday scanning to see if anything else interesting pops up.

Potential Buys

$SMSI – ★★★ – Earnings winner yesterday, had a 40% gain on the day, may have another spike tomorrow and quite possibly also a dip buy. – ATR: $0.109
$KONE – ★ – Have earnings announcements today, has been uptrending the last couple of days, I’ll be keeping an eye. – ATR: $0.359  Update, I should have noticed this before, but volume on this stock is way too low for me to even consider it, I’m no longer watching this.

Potential Shorts

$ADXS – ★★ – Biotech pump, way overextended, may be crashing down soon, may also spike some more, so I’ll also keep my eye out – ATR: $1.27

Compressed List


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