Day Watchlist for January 14 2015

I finally managed to get my list ready for today; I have to admit, that half my picks (not included in this list) are from Sykes daily watchlist, though I don’t think I would have picked them anyways, but I’ll keep watch anyways.

Potential Buys

$NXTD – ★★ – Great product reviews after the CES show, lots of demand for their product, big spike yesterday, may be able to run some more or become a good dip buy. – ATR: $0.243
$ZBB – ★ – Green day 4 days in a row on news of a contract for 350+ unit condo complex, may be a good runner or a good dip buy, though I’m not so sure how it will do. – ATR: $0.053
$MNGA – ★ – Another runner that has been up on contract news, near resistance and may be a breakout or a dip buy today, I’ll keep watch – ATR: $0.083

Potential Shorts

$UNIS – ★ – Price has been going up for the past week with no significant news/catalyst, may drop in the coming days, the price seems to be overextended. – ATR: $0.233
$VIMC – ★★ – Up for the last 6 days without any significant catalyst that I could find, first red day yesterday, may bounce some, but will probably drop eventually. – ATR: $0.309

Compressed List


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