Day Watchlist for February 3rd 2015

Having been out of trading for the last couple of weeks dur to some relatives vising, I’m getting right back to it. This additional 2 week break has given me the chance to catch up with watching the DVDs, more specifically, I just finished Pennystocking Framework. Very good conference DVD; I most enjoyed LX21 presentation, who does a great job at explaining the mindset required for this type of trading and how to become successful.

Over the month of January I haven’t gone through with a single trade, that being said, my month was mostly tied up between a snowboarding trip and family visiting; when I did have some time to focus on trading, it seemed to be very slow, or I missed my entries. I am hoping that the month of February will prove to be more fruitful than the last 2.

I have also had a bit of time to think and develop further my trading strategy and how I approach my entries and exits. Anyways, without further due, here’s the watchlist.

Today’s Watchlist

Lots of earnings calls today, I’ll be keeping an eye intraday to see if anything interesting pops up. Other than that, these are my picks for today

Potential Shorts

$IMRS ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
 0.097 1:2 $0.20-0.30 /sh
Stock has been uptrending for the last week without any catalyst that I could find. There were news back in December, but the hype for that seems to have died down. Unsure of why it is currently moving and it could be over extending  past its current level. It is now reaching it’s 6 month high.
 The stock may be able to spike some more and squeeze people trying to short it. – No shares available at the time of writing
$AMLH ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
 0.0538 1:4 ★★★ $0.10-0.15 /sh
This is a Pump promoted by Stock tips – the promotion seems to have finished as I have not received any emails for $AMLH yesterday. I received some promo emails from stock tips ElitePennyStocks for today for $AMLH, I’ll be watching it and see how it plays out.
No shares available for shorting at IB.
$CLRX ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
0.225  1:2 $0.30-0.50 /sh
 Stock price is up without any catalyst, up 38% yesterday – I couldn’t find any news; the stock could be over extending.
May continue to spike before it crashes.

Potential Buys

$YOD ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
0.169 1:2 ★★ $0.30-0.50 /sh
Chinese version of Netflix, entered an agreement with Fox to show their content. This may become a dip buy if it gains any traction. Keeping it on the watchlist.
 In spite of the announcement yesterday, after the initial morning spike, the stock has failed to show any strength and has faded most of the afternoon, going from around 3.50 at it’s highest to about $2.40 intraday.
$MILL ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
 0.129 1:3 ★★ $0.20-0.40 /sh
 Oil prices are “rallying”, stock was up $0.45 yesterday. May spike some more or become a potential dip buy intra-day
 Market has been slow, may not have a strong movement.
$HIHO ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal
0.125  1:3 ★★ $0.20-0.30 /sh
Earnings winner yesterday, had an initial gap-up/morning spike and then faded throughout the day. might be able to bounce a bit, so I’m watching it as a potential dip buy.
 Low volume stock, trading around 250k yesterday

 Compressed List


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