Day Watchlist for December 29 2014

This week has been rather slow for me in terms of trading but quite productive in the development of my own strategy with specific rules for trading penny stocks.

My last watchlist was a bit of a bust and missed opportunities, but I think I’m on the right track.

Here’s my watchlist for tomorrow.

Potential Shorts

$EDIG – ★★ – I can’t seem to find any particular news explaining the sudden spike in price over the last 6-8 days. It has all the signs of a pump without seemingly being part of a promotion (at least not the ones that I’m subscribed to) – ATR: $0.0121
$TPI – ★ – Not something I would touch right now as it is a biotech, with which I am not that familiar. Up on news of discussion with a pharma company, so I think it is up on hype. I’ll watch it, but not planning on taking a real position in it. – ATR: $0.0576
$SYNC – ★★ – Another stock that seems to be up on hype of news of presence at a conference. May encounter a drop in the coming days as the hype dies down – ATR: $0.1202
$JOB – ★★ – This stock has been uptrending without a valid reason that I could find, may become a potential short in the coming days – ATR: $0.1513
$BCYP – ★ – The chart patterns looks promising for a short, seems to be up on good news, I’ll just watch it – ATR: $0.0135
$ZAZA – ★★★ – Probably going to start falling down over the week as it’s been downtrending over the last year or so with very little durable recovery – ATR: $0.475

Potential Buys

$SYRX – ★ – uptrending stock, hard to predict what it will do, but it’s down to $1.33 from its $4.24 high in september. I’ll keep an eye on it and see what it does – ATR: $0.1508
$JRJC – ★★★ – Earnings winner last week, but didn’t display much of a reaction, probably due to the holiday season, I’ll watch it for a spike or something significant to happen – ATR: $0.725

I don’t see too many viable plays for tomorrow, it seems I’ll be doing a lot of watching.

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