Day Watchlist for December 19 2014

Recap of the last couple of days

Having to be off for a couple of days, I hadn’t had time to prepare my lists since my last watchlist.

The market overall has been slow, and I missed a couple of opportunities yesterday – $ZAGG should have been on my earnings list but I didn’t pay attention to it at the time (price above $5.00), however it did go from the mid $5’s to the mid $6’s.

I also did a poor job at playing $GTATQ, I shorted it both  too late and too early, ended up raking a $69.1 loss due to my lack of proper understanding of how OTC stocks function; the lesson that I learned is that in order to move in and out of an OTC stock is to send limit orders with the purpose of adding liquidity to the market, and avoid market orders altogether.

Today’s List


$MEDA – ★★★ – After the $0.04 drop the other day, promoters actually managed to push it back up close to $0.10 over the last couple of days; not sure what is going to happen today, but it should be nearing the end of its rope.
$IFAN – ★★ – Another pump that should be nearing the end of its life, though there aren’t any shares available to short at IB at this point, so chances are I won’t be playing this stock

Potential Buys

$ZAGG – ★★★ – Earnings winner 2 days ago, started spiking yesterday and I completely missed it. It may shoot up another $0.5 in the morning and may be a good dip buy during the day, I’m watching it closely.
$APP – ★★ – Up on news that the company has been approached with an offer to buy, may spike some more, as there seems to be recurring news over the night.
$KTOS – ★★★ – Potential buy as they received a $4.3M drone contract, spiked yesterday and may spike some more today, possible dip buy.

Potential Shorts

$CUBA – ★★ – Not sure whether I’ll be able to get shares to short for this one, but chances are it will drop back to it’s pre-Cuba news once people realize this has stock (It’s actually a Close End Fund, and not a stock per se) has nothing to do with Cuba. Might be a good $2/sh profit if played well. I will surely watch it.
$FRO – ★★ – Potential short based on its chart pattern, but I honestly don’t know what this stock is going to do; it has not behaved as I expected over the last couple of days and it’s up again for no good reason after dropping 30%…
$FMD – ★★ – While it is up on good news, it’s raise seems a bit unnatural, shooting up from  under $2.00 to almost $5.00 in the space of 2 days. While it is up on good news, the raise seems a bit dramatic. I’ll be watching it as a potential short.

That sums up my list for today, hopefully I can get some good trades done.


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