Google Sheets Strategy Performance Tracking Template

As I’ve been working very hard to maximize my trading productivity and based on the behavior of successful traders, I took it upon myself to make a strategy performance tracking spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

The basic analytic data is based upon what shows; the difference being that each trade can be associated to one or more strategies which are tracked separately and for which the specifics statistics are calculated as opposed to having simply an overall view of all … Continue Reading...

Watchlist for Wednesday March 4th 2015

Recap for Tuesday March 3th 2015

Yesterday was an eventful day; lots of action for me: my overnight position on $RESN didn’t go as planned as it dropped in price, contrary to the expectation that it would spike in the morning. Additionally, I took 2 positions in $OREX, which initially resulted in a loss and then managed to recover my losses and some. Lots of stocks at play.

For my short list, $GENE and $EYES didn’t get the drop everyone … Continue Reading...

Watchlist for Tuesday March 3rd 2015

Recap for Monday March 2nd 2015

Monday morning was an eventful day in the stock market, a couple of good missed opportunities such as $EYES, $BIOC (both took a big dip), $ZAGG and $ABTL both has a bit of run as earnings winners, $CYCC and CYTX displaying parabolic moves remaining on the green and $RESN starting to show signs of a bounce based on speculation.

I took a late day o/n position on $RESN based on a Tim alert and … Continue Reading...

Watchlist for Monday March 2rd 2015

Today’s Watchlist

First watchlist in a while after a couple of weeks of blog inactivity due to life events. Last week was an eventful one in the penny stocking world, both on the long and short sides. I took some small losses in shorting $GENE due to bad timing for the most part and covered rather quickly in order to limit them.

In any case, here is my watchlist for today.

Potential Shorts

$GENE ATR Risk/Reward Rating Goal Bias
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