Learning the tools of the trade

Over the last week, I have learned some important lessons: I’ve realized that I had not been using the tools at my disposal to efficiently in order to unleash their full potential and improve my trading process.

This realization came upon me as I received a delayed breakout alert on $SMSI as an earnings winner this week by Timothy Sykes. He had just mentioned that he saw it on his earnings up 5% scanner, a feature also available to me … Continue Reading...

Recap for the January 12-16 Week

This week has been quite uneventful for me to say the least; due to engagements, I ended up not trading on Friday or preparing a watchlist for that matter. Here are the watchlists I established this week:

This week ended up having some interesting plays, but nothing quite significant. I did however miss a couple of opportunities by setting myself in a tunnel vision state preventing me to … Continue Reading...

Day Watchlist for January 15 2015

Recap for yesterday’s watchlist

Yesterday’s watchlist was a complete miss: none of my picks actually did anything. Worth noting that $SMSI had earnings news and spiked about 40% through the day, which I completely missed. Also a worthy mention for $BBRY which had news of Samsung possibliy aquiring the company shares at a $13.5+ per share, this drove the price from the mid-$9s all the way to $13 within minutes; I also missed that one – the price has now … Continue Reading...

Day Watchlist for January 14 2015

I finally managed to get my list ready for today; I have to admit, that half my picks (not included in this list) are from Sykes daily watchlist, though I don’t think I would have picked them anyways, but I’ll keep watch anyways.

Potential Buys

$NXTD – ★★ – Great product reviews after the CES show, lots of demand for their product, big spike yesterday, may be able to run some more or become a good dip buy. – ATR: … Continue Reading...

Recap of Jan 13 Watchlist

Having no time to build a proper list for today, I will settle for doing a recap of yesterday’s session and the list I had.

Among my potential buys, only $MNGA actually did anything worth of mention, it spiked during the day, closing up with a 21% gain over open; unfortunately I completely missed this play intraday as I got distracted with other tasks when the morning became slow. Every other pick wasn’t good as they either did nothing much … Continue Reading...

Day Watchlist for January 13 2015

Recap of the previous watchlist

To keep it simple, today was a very slow trading day, my watchlist was a bust with no significant movement from any of my picks in the direction I wanted them to go. No plays, no losses. As expected my potential buys for today went nowhere. During the day I started watching other plays: $VOXX was a small dip buy, but fell down a lot, only to bounce about $0.35 from around $7.97 at its … Continue Reading...

Day Watchlist for January 12th 2015 – First of the year

After taking a short week long snowboarding vacation, I’m finally back and eager to start the year in force.

Recap of my previous watchlist and my last trade

My last watchlist was a a bit of a bust for the most part, but I seem to have had some good calls.

$IMRS, did drop about $0.20 since I initially shorted it on the 31st, had I kept it, I would have made a nice profit – It was also brought … Continue Reading...


Trade #14 – Ninja0n3 vs $IMRS – $IMRS Wins

“Judge yourself not by the outcome, but by your process” ~ Michael W. Covel, The Complete Turtle Trader

I had $IMRS on my Potential Short watchlist for yesterday. In the afternoon the stock started downtrending and I was expecting a panic before close. That didn’t happen and I got out before close on a small spike, taking a $47 loss.

The process

I am trying to become more thorough with analyzing my trades so I’ll go over the process … Continue Reading...

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