Lessons Learned on the 2nd week of December 2014

After taking a couple of months off from trading due to personal reasons, I finally had the chance over the last 3 weeks to get back into day trading full time. I have switched my broker from Questrade (which is pretty bad for short selling anything under $2.5) to Interactive Brokers. Truth be told, I have barely done a single trade over the last 15 days – didn’t bother documenting it, as it was more of a last second alert … Continue Reading...

Ninja0n3 vs the Market – tie

Today has been an interesting day on stock movement, especially for a couple of pumps that have been going for the past week or so.

$ECRY finally crashed after about 2 weeks of continuous promotional emails by Stock Tips, I really wanted to short this stock but I was way too late in the game to be able to secure any shortable shares.

$MEDA is another pump that is still going but that I don’t think I’ll be able to … Continue Reading...

Short Selling Explained Infographic

Following the Webinar made by Michael Goode yesterday, I decided to put the overly simplified concept of Short selling into images.

An image is worth 1000 words, so I’ll save myself from typing 1000 words and share this infographic on Short Selling!

Don’t forget to check out the Desktop Stock Position Profit/Loss Calculator tool, ad-free, free to use. Great for beginners such as myself. Anyways, here is the infographic:

ShortSelling-Infographic-lores-publishableContinue Reading...

Google Spreadsheets Get Full Quotes Script

It seems that this week I am on a roll for development.

As I was reading Tim Grittani‘s latest post on his blog, I was drawn to learn how to properly use the available tools at my disposal; one of these tools, as was pointed out by Tim, is spreadsheets used to track stocks and perform statistical analysis.

I found the process to be rather time consuming when it comes to adding stocks and manually entering all the data … Continue Reading...


Stocks Profit/Loss Calculator Standalone v1.0.5 Released

As I’ve been progressing in my Pennystocking endeavor, I realized that some aspects of my workspace needed to be reduced in order to limit my distractions when performing my day trading activities.

Up to now, I had been using the profit/loss calculator that I developed on this blog, and soon realized that it was clunky to have a browser window open constantly when trading stocks.

Upon this realization, I set myself to the task of minimizing the the whole calculator … Continue Reading...

Like My Stuff?

As Day Traders we rely strongly on our tools and knowledge of the market. Often acquiring any kind of tools of knowledge comes at a premium price, this is especially true when getting into the stock market, where everything seems to be way over priced.

As a contribution to my fellow traders, I put my knowledge and and my development expertise up for free.

If you like my tools and applications and these help you make some money as valuable … Continue Reading...

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