Trades #10 and #11 – Ninja0n3 vs $ISNS rounds 3 and 4

What a poor morning this morning was. I tried to play $ISNS again, as I was expecting a morning spike on market open; The spike did happen, however I was both late and early when I took my positions: I noticed the up-trending movement pre-market and didn’t get in until the stock reached 9.10 ( I was following it since the high 7’s). Then the price dropped, I reached my threshold and was forced to exit taking a loss. Then, … Continue Reading...


Trade #9 – Ninja0n3 vs $ISNS round 2

I had no intention of trading today, but then I saw the $ISNS breakout a bit late (it was already bouncing from about $4.90 – got in at $5.90), but nonetheless up-trending. So I entered a 250 share position and managed to make about 51c per share in profits. The stock price kept on going and at the time of writing, the stock price shot to about $8.0 after market – I could have made about $450 more; it’s a … Continue Reading...

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