Trade #8 – Ninja0n3 vs $ISNS – Winner: $ISNS

The idea for this trade started with some of my research last night on $ISNS which ended up showing it as a potential candidate for buy based on the information I had, the aftermarket movement and the early pre-market uptrend. The pattern and news was showing clear signs of continuing uptrend momentum. However, I failed to consider that the hype created by the Ferguson events for the law enforcement equipment was dying down. I was expecting a breakout but it … Continue Reading...


Trade #7 – Ninja0n3 vs $DGLY round 3

This is my third attempt at $DGLY. It turned out to be a profitable one.

I have been watching this stock for about a week now and I have seen it consistently spiking in the morning. My movement expectations were also reinforced by the fact that this stock has repeatedly been appearing on Tim Sykes Daily Watchlist, which I am still using for some of my picks.

As a side note, if I had not sold my shares from the … Continue Reading...

$DGLY 2014-08-22

First Week Recap – $DGLY , $JRJC, $HPJ, $MOBI, $BDR

And so my first week as a day trader has come to an end. I’ve gone through countless videos and webinars explaining the dos and don’ts, chart patterns, rules, participated in chat and forums, stared endlessly at my Level 2 screen and Real time charts.

All in all, through my profits and losses, I broke even – my net profits were actually higher than my losses but commissions are a B**ch when dealing with low volume trades, which brought me … Continue Reading...

$DGLY 2014-08-22

Trade #6 – Ninja0n3 vs $DGLY round 2

This is by far my most profitable trade to date (alas, it is only my 6th trade over all).

Here is how it played out: I had been watching this stock for a couple of days; it was also featured on Tim’s daily watchlist and due to the news in Ferguson, there were great chances that the stock would surge. I was watching it pre-market and there was quite some movement. I entered my position as soon as the market … Continue Reading...

Trades #1-#5 – Ninja0n3 vs $DGLY, $JRJC, $HPJ, $MOBI, $BDR

I will quickly cover my first 5 trades. Unfortunately at that point I had not planned on screencasting my trades, so I don’t have videos for these trades.

 Trade #1 – Ninja0n3 vs $BDR


This was officially my first trade ever. It turned out to be a loss.

The mistake: I bought Long based on chat hype while having no information in regards to the stock itself. I didn’t listen to my gut and ignored the clearly irregular unpredictable chart … Continue Reading...

Embarking on a Million Dollar Journey

And so it begins.

I have embarked on a journey to reach a Million Dollars by trading penny stocks. I didn’t pull this idea out of my butt, and I’m not crazy.

Over the last couple of years, I had contemplated the idea of becoming a full time day-trader. However due to my financial restrictions at the time I was unable to do just that… Until now.

Through extended in-depth research and long deliberation, I decided to join Timothy Sykes … Continue Reading...

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